Party FAQs

Q: How do I reserve a party?
A: Call our party person at 619-933-2169 to schedule your party. We must have a $75.00 non-refundable deposit down before any reservations will be booked.

Q: Is there an age or weight limit for guest to participate at my party?
A: Yes, the rock wall requires a minimum of 45lbs, but all other areas of the park are open to all ages and weight.

Q: How many guests can I invite?
A: Regular weekday and weekend parties include 10 guests including the birthday child. Additional guests can be added for an additional cost.
A: Mega Parties 20 guests including 1 birthday child

Q: Are trampoline socks included?
A: Yes, our weekday and weekend party packages include 10 pairs of trampoline socks the mega package includes 20 any additional socks can be purchased for $2.70 including tax

Q: What if I have more than 10 or 20 guests?
A: Each additional guest over the party package becomes a la carte $15 per extra guest (includes admission and a drink) Plus $2.70 for extra socks, plus any extra food

Q: Will there be someone in the party room to serve my cake/pizza/etc?
A: Yes. Once you enter the party room, there will be someone who HELPS serve your party guests. When your party is over they will then clean up for your party.

Q: Can I bring confetti or hang streamers?
A: Because we have gone to great expense to professionally decorate our party rooms, we ask that nothing be hung on the walls. Also, no confetti or silly string will be allowed. If you use them, you may be subject to a $25 clean-up fee.

Q: Can I bring in my own food?
A: Yes for a fee. Fruit and vegetable trays will be charged a 25.00 outside food fee. Anything else must be approved by management and the fee will be $50.00-$100.00

Cake and ice cream, and goodie bags to be handed out as your guests leave can be brought in without a fee.
Absolutely no coolers can be brought in

Q: Can I have alcohol for the adults?
A: No alcohol is allowed in our facility.

Q: When do you need to know my head count and final pizza order?
A: 2-3 days before your party. Our party coordinator will call you to confirm the details of your party please have a head count and pizza order ready at that time.

Q: Should I arrive early to set up my party?
A: No, because you will not be allowed into your room until your room time is called there is no need to arrive early.

Q: How early should I arrive before my party?
A: You should arrive no more than 15 min. early or at the same time as what you put on your invitations. There is another party in our facility, so arriving early will make no difference. It is best to have as little time as possible for the kids so they don’t have to wait (for what seems like forever for kids).

Q: How early should my guests arrive for the party?
A: We recommend writing on the invitations to show up no more than 15 min. before the start time of the party, this is so they can fill out the release forms. That way all of your party will be there when it is time for your party to start, and to hear the rules and get your child’s’ full play time.

Q: How many guests can I invite?
A: Our party rooms can accommodate up to 25 guests. Our rooms are quite small and can accommodate the children in the party. There is not enough room in our rooms to fit a lot of adults.

Q: Can I bring my own decorations, paper products in myself and set them up before my party?
A: We provide plates, forks, cup and napkins free of charge, however, they are generic. If you would like to bring your own paper products, you may do so. But we will set them up for you.

Q: What else do I need to bring in besides my cake?
A: Ice cream if you desire, and candles

Q: Does each guest need a separate waiver even if they are in the same family?
A: Yes all guests participating or not need a waiver filled out. One parent can fill out a waiver for up to four family members, on the same waiver. We have I pads at the entrance in case someone forgets to fill the waiver out on line.

Q: What if we need more time in the party room?
A: We are very sorry, but our parties are booked to accommodate only 30 min in the party room, you will be asked to leave the party room at the end of your 30 min. With prior approval at booking you may book an extra 30 min in the party room for $100.00.

Q: Is gratuity included in the price of my party?
A: No, gratuity is not included in the price of your party?

Q: What is the average gratuity that should be left for our party host?
A: Minimum 10% suggested gratuity

Q: What if we want to stay longer to jump
A: Additional play time can be added to your party’s bill or you can purchase additional play time at the front desk.

Q: Do we have access to your kitchen
A: No, you will not have access to our kitchen, however your host will be happy to store your cake and Ice cream in the fridge/freezer

Q: Is there enough time to open gifts?
A: This answer varies for every party, depending on the size of your party and the time it takes to serve pizza and ice cream, your party may or may not have time to open gifts in the party room.

Q: Can we request our party room?
A: No; rooms are assigned the day of

Q: What are your busiest party days?
A: Saturday and Sundays are extremely busy, please expect a crowd

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