Please expect longer wait times on Saturday and Sunday
Overflow parking available at Sonrise church 8805 N. Magnolia Avenue.
Anyone in the building will need to have a waiver on file
Grip socks are mandatory for all participants

Height & Weight Restrictions

At Urban Jungle Fun Park, we are all about having fun but our number one priority is the safety and security of our customers. This means that Climbers must weight at least 45 pounds to use the Rock Walls or Skyscraper. To learn why, take a minute and read below.

Urban Jungle Fun Park Trampoline Park
Our TRAMPOLINES are a blast and feature multiple ways to jump, bounce and have fun, however the safety of our jumpers is our number one concern and our trained staff adheres to our strict guidelines to insure everyone’s safety.

Urban Jungle Fun Park San Diego Obstacle Course
Our OBSTACLE COURSE is 50′ long and is filled with a ton of fun things to do. Some of the obstacles on our course can be challenging and require the ability to crawl through, climb across, navigate around, climb up and over a 10′ soft wall with a rope and then slide down all at a quick pace. Children under 40 inches and 40 pounds may find this course to difficult to participate in.

Urban Jungle Fun Park San Diego Kid Wall Climb
Our ROCK WALL and CLIMBABLE SKYSCRAPER are amazing. The Rock Wall is huge and allows up to 4 kids to climb different routes at the same time. Directly on the other side is the Nations only Climbable Skyscraper built by the creative folks at Urban Jungle.

Children under 45 pounds are not allowed to participate in any climbing as the Auto Belay Systems require a minimum weight to work properly.

All climbers are required to use a safety Harness that is inspected by one of our highly trained staff who gives proper instructions before ascending. The harness is then safely connected to an Auto Belay system which carefully retracts the cable as they climb upward and slowly releases the cable on the way back down.

Urban Jungle Fun Park San Diego Auto Belay2
Our AUTO BELAY system connects to the harness as as the climber ascends it pulls up the cable as they make their way to the top and then safety lowers them back to the ground on their way back down.

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